January 29, 2017

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin Development

Our simple WordPress plugins below were developed for our own use but now made available for public download. It’s our small contribution as WordPress developers to the WordPress community. Feel free to download and used as you like.

Simple Countdown Timer for WordPress

This simple count down timer is shown in action on the sidebar of this page. It allows the user to enter a date to count down to and provides some configurable text fields. You can also change the colors if you want.

Here it is in action:

Read our instructions here.

Thanks for downloading!

Simple Ad Scheduler for WordPress

This simple plugin and widget allows you to create rotating ads for your WordPress site. The ad manager allows you to create ads using a custom post. You can have the ads display and rotate based on weighted settings that you create.

Here it is in action:

See our documentation here.

Download the zip file and install as a regular plugin on your WP site.

Thank you for downloading!

These plugins are free and our small contribution to the WordPress community. We cannot promise support for them but if you have any questions or need help please feel free to contact us and we can try our best!