Sustainable WordPress Development

You’ve spent a lot of money on custom web development for your WordPress website but is it sustainable? ¬†Once your site is built you will need to maintain it. If you are using WordPress you’ll likely have plugin and theme upgrades, code conflicts and other various issues that arise as the site is used. The best way to mitigate these problems is to make sure that when you build your website you work with a web developer who is able to meet your design and technical needs with minimal reliance on third party plugins. Developing your site with long term sustainability in mind will save you money and headache in the long run.

Here are some things to think about before you build your WordPress site to make sure you won’t run into problems.

  1. Make sure to choose a simple theme or hire a knowledgeable web developer to write one for you. Most problems that occur after upgrades with WordPress are conflicts between themes and WordPress. Choose your themes judiciously and carefully. Stay away from themes that have complicated backends and that rely on plugins for functionality.
  2. Don’t use too many plugins. Many times people who don’t understand web development will use plugins to accomplish simple tasks. If all you need is a way to collect emails for your newsletter don’t install a huge marketing plugin that has a lot of features you will never use. Plugins are great time savers but don’t over do it. Make sure the plugin you use is solving a need that can’t be solved without investing a lot of time in development.
  3. If you have to manage multiple websites think about using WordPress as a multisite and not single installs. A multisite site will allow you to update and maintain all of your sites from one central backend.
  4. Make sure to keep your website core and plugins up to date. Don’t wait to install patches or updates. Most sites are compromised due to out of date plugins and WordPress versions.

It’s time to take your website by the reigns and get some control. NYC HelpDesk offers headache free service plans and hosting that won’t break the bank and let you concentrate on the things that matter.