5 Points to Consider When Hiring a WordPress Developer in NYC

wordpress developerThe search for top end WordPress developers can be a little overwhelming especially in saturated markets like NYC. When going about this search keep in mind some of these guidelines to make sure you get the right developer for the job.

  1. Professional Programming – Most legitimate WordPress developers will be able to show you examples of their code. You should make sure they have the chops to can handle your project. There are many who claim to be developers but only know how to install plugins and themes and can’t actually do anything else. Our advice is to check to see if the WordPress developer you are thinking about working with has programming experience. They should have a WordPress Plugin listed in the directory or be able to show you their own code. 
  2. In Person Availability – Make sure the Word Press developer is willing to meet in person. This will give you a chance to judge if he or she is trustworthy and you can work with them in the same room. While working remotely has it’s benefits, nothing can replace a local developer who has the right skills and personality . This is especially true for long term and complex projects where both you and the contractor put in a lot of time together.
  3. Serious about Security – Make sure the WordPress developer knows about WordPress security best practices. They should be familiar with WordPress hardening steps and know some basics about how a server works. Security is important and if a developer doesn’t have an understanding or says otherwise then our advise is to walk away.
  4. Responsiveness – The website is responsive but is the developer responsive? Even a simple WordPress sites requires on going maintenance and if you rely on your site to make a living every minute your site is down or something is broken means a loss of money. If you are serious about your website, you need someone on call and who responds in minutes or hours, not days.
  5. Support – What type of support does the developer offer? What if you need to update the site or make modifications later? Many developers will happily provide discounted maintenance plans or hourly rates for support after your site is built. If you are not technically minded and can’t take care of these things yourself then you will need to account for this in your budget.

Keep in mind that many contractors will say anything to get the job, but not all web developers are created equal. Many so called web developers will leave you in lurch or not be able to finish the job because they lack the proper skills and experience. Following the guidelines above should help you make sure that you have the right person for the job. Contact us today if you have any questions about how to find the right WordPress developer.