December 26, 2015

Simple Share Documention

We hope that the Simple Share component is easy to use. You just need a few simple steps shown in the documentation below to install the component and plugin and begin sharing articles between sites right away.

1. Download the Simple Sharing component and plugin

2. Install the component on the parent site (the site you will be sharing articles from).

3. Install the plugin on as many client sites as you want. These are the child sites (the sites you will be sharing articles too).

4. Add a client site to the parent site configuration


Your client site and sharing settings are found under components –> Simple share

  1. Name of the client site. This can be anything you want.
  2. The URL of the client site make sure it starts with http://
  3. Admin username of the client site.
  4. Admin password of the client site
  5. Client key. This key needs to match exactly the key in your client site

5. Set up the plugin in the client site


  1. Go to plugins –> Simple share
  2. Make sure to enable the plugin
  3. Add the client key. This can be anything you want but you must use this client key when connecting this site to the parent site in the steps above

That’s it. If you have any pre-sales questions, experience any problems or need assistance please contact us.