December 27, 2015

Simple Ad Scheduler Documentation

Simple Ad Scheduler

1. Simply download the scheduler. Then install as a WordPress plugin.

Using the Simple Ad Scheduler

The Simple Ad Scheduler has 2 places for managing your ads. The first place is in the admin sidebar under “Ads”. Here is were you can create new ads:

WordPress plugin  simple ad manager

  1. Give your Ad a title.
  2. Ad in the content for your Ad, it can be anything that you want, just as a regular WordPress post.
  3. Set the Ad campaign schedule.

Once you have created your Ads you can display them anywhere on your site using the Widget. This is found under Appearance -> Widgets. It will look like this:

  1. Ad the Widget to a sidebar position in your theme
  2. Select the Ad(s) you want to display in the widget position
  3. Give each Ad a weight. This simply means that if one Ad has a weight of 1 and another has a weight of 10, the Ad with a weight of 10 will show up 10 times more than the first Ad
  4. You can assign weights up to 250