October 14, 2016

SEO Plan Descriptions

Below is a description of the 3 SEO plans we offer and how they differentiate from each other. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to speak more in person.



Just getting started with your SEO? Our Seedling plan will give you just the right amount of SEO traction to get things started. It’s perfect for small companies and organizations who understand the importance of SEO but are on a budget. While you won’t see changes as quickly as our Growth or Enterprise plans our Seedling plan will help you make a mark in SEO and allow you to form a strong base for further SEO improvement down the line.


seedling_06This plan provides the greatest return for investment. Clients using this plan generally see improved search rankings for keywords and increases in web traffic to their site within 4-6 months. Gaining inbound organic traffic is the best way to increase donations, purchases and memberships for your organization. When people find you because of key words they searched for they are twice as likely to click on your link and take action on your website. Give this plan a try if you have a budget but want to take a forward thinking intensive approach to SEO and growing your site traffic.


seedling_03Our Enterprise plan takes an aggressive approach to SEO while remaining compliant with all major search engine algorithms. We provide a full range of White Hat SEO services which will dramatically increase your site rankings and ensure that you get found online. You really do get what you pay for. We guarantee results with this plan and look forward to taking your site to new heights.

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