Magento One Page Checkout – Why to Use it and How to Install it

Recently, we started implementing Google Analytic goals on all of our web properties. Below is a snap shot of our checkout goal funnel during the peak of our campaign. The goal below follows users from when they add a premium to their cart until they reach the thank you for your order page.


According to the data above 1,220 users reached the standard Magento checkout page with a premium in their cart ready to checkout; but only 952 actually completed the checkout process. There was a loss of 261 users who exited directly from the checkout page before completing thier order.Though there maybe many reasons for why this might be the case, one could make a strong argument that the checkout process itself posed to high a barrier for the user to complete the process. Our intention for the campaign this year is to try and lower this barrier and see if we can’t get a higher conversion rate. One part of the strategy we plan to implement is to use one page checkout.

One page check out is exactly what it’s name implies. It lets your users checkout with a product or premium on a single page without having to hit next or go through a bunch of steps. 3 steps in the checkout process are layed out directly for your customers. Here is a screen shot of what your new checkout page looks like after installing the extension.

FireShot Screen Capture 036 - Onepage Checkout - www iwdextensions com demo opc-ee onepage

After determining that we wanted to use one page checkout on our site all that was left to do was install it.

Here is how to install the extension on your own site.

1. Go to Magento Connect
2. Register on the site and get the extension installation key.
3. Login to your ecommerce site. 
4. Important! Backup your site first!
5. Go to Magento Connect in your site admin under “System” and paste in the extension installation key under the Install “New Extensions” section of the Connect page.


6. The installer will do its thing. You will see a terminal open like below letting you know about how the installation process goes:


7. Once the extension is installed go back to the admin section of your site. You will now have to install the IWD library. Click on the link IWD_ALL to download the package:


8. Go back to your Magento Connect and upload the package using the direct package upload button:


9. Go back to your admin section and the message to download IWD_ALL should be gone.

That’s it. Congrats! You should now be able to make use of one page checkout and reap a higher conversion rate. Let us know how it goes. Feel free to send us a message or comment below.