Tina Wasserman is the best-selling author of Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora  and Entrée to Judaism for Families: Cooking and Kitchen Conversations with Children. An award-winning cooking instructor specializing in contemporary Jewish cuisine. Tina came to NYC HelpDesk with an old WordPress site that needed a make over. We
-> Continue reading Founded in 1996 by Hall of Fame rhythmic gymnast, Wendy Hilliard, the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation “WHGF” was formed to provide free and low cost gymnastics for youth. Wendy was inspired to begin the foundation after training her athlete, Aliane Baquerot, for the 1996 Olympics. Working closely with our design partners The Watsons who designed the
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Create a Hidden Login Form for Your Custom Joomla! Offline Page

Have you every needed to put your offline page up but realize you don’t have a way to login to the front of your site? In this tutorial we discuss how to create a hidden login form on your Joomla! offline page so your users can still login to the front end of the site without seeing the big ugly Joomla! form. Here is how to do it. The code below will create a button which will allow your users to toggle on and off the login form on your Joomla! site.

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Validate Your Gantry Template to Support Google Analytic Demographics

So you have a Gantry template but it doesn’t support Google Analytic demographic tracking?  Give us a call or comment below if you need some help. Here is how to validate your Joomla! Gantry template so you can start tracking demographics on your site. 1. Login to your Google Analytics account and click on the
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Installing Joomla! Using Just SSH and No GUI

As developers we are all pretty comfortable with standard hosting GUIs like Cpanel and Plesk, most of us use these systems everyday. But we should also be familiar with some of the basics of working with SSH and the command line. Recently, a client provided NYC HelpDesk with a Debian hosting environment that had no
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