December 20, 2015


NYC HelpDesk is a web development firm based in New York City. The company specializes in enterprise web development services for small to medium design agencies and non-profits. Our team members are experts in WordPress development, Joomla! development and  most other frameworks. Our popular Simple Share extension for Joomal! is highly rated. We also provide effective SEO services for non profits and small businesses. Collectively our team has over 50 years of experience in programming and website technology. NYC HelpDesk is a certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise with New York City Department of Small Business Services.


The NYC HelpDesk team follows a full integration model which means that our clients get the benefits of a full-time web development team without any overhead. Unlike regular contractors, who are mostly overseas, we are based in NYC and available to collaborate in person at any time. This allows our entire team to adapt to your organization’s work flow and build meaningful on-going partnerships.

NYC HelpDesk operates under the belief that being an excellent web developer is not just about having programming skills, it requires creativity, good design sense and communication. Everyday NYC HelpDesk partners rely on Jared and his team to interpret their online vision and navigate through today’s complex digital space. If you are ready to change the way your organization does web development contact us  today to find out how.