Joomla! Secrets – Secret #1 The User Profile Plugin

Secret #1: Your user plugin.

Have you ever lamented the fact that your registration page doesn’t collect enough information from your members? Take a look at the screen shot below of my boring registration page.

2014-04-28 21 56 36-Register

Now let’s add some more fields to collect some more information from our users. Go to your plugin manager. Search for the “User- Profile” plugin (it’s unpublished by default). Click in and take a look at the options:

- userprofileoptions

Choose the fields you want to make available for your users. Enable the plugin and take a look at your registration page. It should now look something like this:

FireShot Screen Capture 005 - Register - nychelpdesk co register

That’s it. A simple but powerful tool. Stay tuned for more secrets in this series “Joomla! Secrets.”